Why it Takes an Average of 6 Months to Grow Your Social Media Presence

I was having a conversation with Carol (my client), the other day about her growth on social media.

I asked her how long it took before she actually started getting leads while working with me. She said, “We started working together in March, people really took notice of my posts and started reaching out to me in August.”

You may be shocked to hear that it took about 5 months to grow Carol’s social media presence. Before we started working together, Carol was already active on social media, posting about 3-4 times a day. However, she was transitioning from an image consultant to a career coach that enables midlife rebels to live their courageous calling; It was a big transition. Essentially, we had to start from scratch with her social media and build a new audience.

Many social media managers promise instant growth. And usually when working with them, within a month, you’ll start to see your following grow. But, for those who are seeking to truly build their brand and online presence, it will take a bit longer.

Here’s why it takes an average of 6 months to grow your social media presence:

6 months to grow social media presence

Developing a Brand Story

Since the beginning of time, humans have learned through stories. The world communicates, survives, and thrives on storytelling. Everyone’s a storyteller, it’s woven into the threads of our being. It gives us context to understand and relate. We use stories to make sense of the world.

Only 15% of thinking is cognitive, meaning derived from the mental processes of perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning. The rest of the brain, 85% is driven by emotions.

You might find yourself wondering what exactly a brand story is and how it pertains to your small business. A brand story shows why your business exists, why your audience should care, and builds a foundation of trust.

When you can clearly articulate your brand story on your social media, your audience will relate  and empathize with you. Which starts the process of building trust.

Posting Consistency & Engagement with Your Audience

You’ve all heard of these mysterious social media algorithms right? (Nod yes.)

While these algorithms may be difficult to grasp since each platform is different, one rule stands true for all platforms. Consistency and engagement.

Posting consistently ranks you higher in the algorithm. The algorithm also prioritizes engagement in the form of likes and comments. By liking, commenting, viewing or sharing, you will be shown higher in your audiences feed.

Even then, it still takes 7-12 times for someone to see you and what you offer for them to make an informed decision to buy from you. This process takes a few months because while you are posting consistently, that doesn’t mean that Sally, will see your post every single time. Thank the algorithm for that.

However, by engaging with your audience and being reliable by posting every day, you will start to not only build trust with your audience, but in a few months, you will start to see that you’ve built a little community of people that love you and your content.

Giving Value

As entrepreneurs, many of us have gotten away from the passion and purpose of our business. We’ve become so caught up in the numbers, the follower count, and sales on social media. We are constantly asking ourselves, “ What am I getting out of this?”

I’d like to invite you to take a more meaningful approach when it comes to social media. Instead of asking, “What am I getting out of this?” Try asking, “What is my audience going to get out of me posting?”

When you take a more meaningful approach to your social media and you actually care about your audience and care about truly helping them and giving them value, your ROI will be much higher. When you constantly pour into your audience, eventually, they will pour back into you.


To grow your social media presence and build a community it all comes down to the know, like, and trust factor. In order to build this, you must take a more meaning approach to social media. You need to constantly give value to your audience, engage with them and make them empathize with your unique brand story.

In conclusion, I’d like you to think about your audience as a friend. Would you trust someone new after only one month of meeting them? I’m guessing your answer is probably not. In order to develop a friendship with someone, you have to add some sort of value to their life and show up consistently. It’s the same concept with growing your social media presence.